Add chrome extension now! chrome extension contains following features:

  • Sticky Header
  • Chat system
  • Toggle Night mode
  • Karma system
  • Text and Word filtering
  • Ignore user
  • Ignore country
  • Collapse comment tree
  • Twitch stream and Clip integration
  • Youtube video integration
  • Imgur embed images
  • Gyazo embed images
  • Twitter posts embedded
  • Reaction gifs embed
  • Anonymous profile visits
  • Hide flags
  • Check User flag history
  • Check User name history
  • Username information display on click
  • Bait rating
  • User level
  • User age information
  • Comments form on top


Here you can see some of our usage statistics updated every 24 hours.

Total installs: 2.700

Total users tracked: 41.212

Total username changes: X

Total flag changes: X

Total karma changes: X


Frequently asked question listed below:

IMPORTANT*** The extension is not in any way, shape or form associated with the official site This extension is developed purely as a third party software for end users. If you choose to use this extension it is solely at your own risk and by installing you acknowledge that you fully understand the extensions origins and accept the above written statement.

1. Why is the Ads not removed in the extension?

Google's terms of service does not allow manipulation or obstruction of source adverts.

2. Does this extension have server side integration?

No, the extension is purely manipulating the DOM. We are using a 3rd party server for the history stats and karma system

3. Did make this?

No, this is not an official product by HLTV. The extension is made as a private fun project

4. Will this extension slow down the site?

We have done our best to optimize our functions to ensure as little change in pageload or cpu stress


Follow our updates to the extension here

Function requests?

Send us a mail with your suggestions


We are currently not advertising via the chrome extension